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Peak Wellness 1-1 Coaching

with Christina Della Rocca, n.d.

Peak Wellness Consultations & Programs will guide you to:

  • Find the food options best suited to you

  • Tweak your lifestyle habits to meet your goal

  • Treat ailments naturally 

  • Get to the root of digestive imbalance

  • Get a grip on stress and anxiety

  • Achieve your ideal weight

  • Detox your body

  • Create conscious work-life balance

  • Experience a more balanced energy level

  • Create a more fulfilling life

  • Receive tremendous support where YOU want and need it.

  • And more...

Still deciding if this Is right for You?

I'd like to invite you to book a FREE 30-min discovery conversation to discuss your top concerns and life goals.


This 30-minute session is a great way for you to learn about personalized coaching, and to get a feel for how I work with clients. There is no obligation, and I welcome you to consider that this conversation may be a turning point in your life.

This session is an informal conversation about your life and health. We will talk about your goals, current diet, health history, stress level and other issues that influence your energy, vitality, and  life satisfaction. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about my fully personalized Peak Wellness Coaching Program and whether I can support you in reaching your goals by working together!​

Peak Santē Private Wellness Coaching is an opportunity to work 1-1 with your own Coach.

You can choose one of our in-person programs, or you can do your coaching program completely by phone, or via online interface if meeting in person is not an option for you.. 

No matter which style of coaching, you will receive undivided attention in a program specifically tailored to your needs.​

Like so many, you have probably tried: a variety of approaches to live better and achieve your health and physique goals:

  • The latest diet trends 

  • Detoxes

  • Self-help techniques and books,

  • Internet searches

  • Fitness classes and routines

  • other coaches, nutritionists, therapies,..

  • and the list goes on...


You may have even have managed to do well on some for a few weeks or even months. However, if the emphasis of the program was essentially willpower, deprivation, and denial, this is both unnecessary and counter-productive.


The reality is that, unless you have a plan that is practical, works with your lifestyle, and takes your individuality into account, it will not last. Peak wellness Coaching with Christina Della Rocca, can help you to create such a plan.

How does it work

The 3 to 6 month Coaching Programs consists of 6 coaching sessions, 80-min each. Ideally, we schedule two sessions per month (every 2nd week), either in-person, by telephone, or via online interface.  During the sessions, we follow a coaching process tailored to your individual needs, and discover what you need to build your life from the inside out.   Additionally, you receive support between your sessions by email or a closed Facebook group that I moderate myself. 

Coaching materials

Each session, you'll receive valuable recommendations, handouts, and other materials to assist you in building your best life and reaching your goals. You are, after all, looking for positive changes and that's exactly what you'll get.  


Results every session!

Each coaching session builds upon the last.  You'll be reminded of your progress at each step of the program, and your plan will be consistently fine tuned to meet your needs and enhance progress.  The results will speak for themselves.

Ready to learn more and start your program?

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

Programs to choose from

Prefer to book a-la-carte, no problem! See below.  

​Peak Wellness

Initiation & Assessment

My client assessment and initiation approach stems from the philosophies that 1) you are unique and require a custom-made plan individual to you as opposed to a cookie cutter program, and that 2) there are likely several root causes to the symptoms you experience. 


I therefore have a unique approach to nudge each of these out without focusing on one particular diet or protocol, but rather a specialized naturopathic approach to health and healing.


Initiation Includes:


Session 1 | 30-minute

Discovery Conversation (By phone)



Session 2 | 90-minutes                      

Peak Wellness Assessment & Consultation: Health History review and Assessment + Where you are now and where you want to be + body composition analysis (optional)


Following the consultation, Christina will analyze the information, and create a Health Time Line and Matrix before the next meeting. (1-2 hours to create time Line)

Session 3  |  90-minutes +

Intake & Time Line Review 

Set Goals

Refine Action Plan to meet your individual needs


This is a great introduction to working with me as your Peak Wellness Practitioner. We will go through your story, health history, take body measurements, set goals, and create a very personalized plan for you to move towards your goals in a way that works for you and gets you the results you are looking for.


I highly recommend this as your first step in the coaching process OR as a plan to move forward on your own with and be able to benchmark your progress.  The process really allows us to hone in on your unique problems/goals. The TimeLine alone is worth the investment in your time, money, and effort.

Cost:  $360 

-  Insurance receipts available 

   for this program.

Note:  if you choose to start with an initial consultation a-la-carte (see below), and then choose to take this service, the cost of your session will be dedicated)

14-Day Cleanse 


If you are ready to transform the way you look and feel, and are ready to dive in and see some real and fast results, this program is for you. You will discover how specific foods may be zapping your energy, at the root of many of your uncomfortable digestive issues and other impacting ailments, or causing weight loss resistance, and EXACTLY what to do about it.

The 14-Day cleanse jumpstart is an important first step in your treatment and care. Things you can expect: reduced systemic inflammation, improved digestion and elimination, reduce gas and bloating, weight loss, headache relief, improved sleep and mood, allergy relief, increased energy, better mental clarity, and more…


This program will help you ditch dieting forever and naturally treat ailments that have been nagging you for years. 

You will be surprised to see how great you feel in your mind, body, and the clothes you love by nourishing yourself with lots of real food instead of starving yourself, doing excessive exercise and just not knowing what to eat to get results.

To find out more, go to:

14-Day Seasonal Cleanse


* For support during this cleanse jumpstart, may be combined with 

the Peak Wellness Kick off program.

Cost:  $147

- Insurance receipts available 

  for this program.

Peak Wellness

90-Day Program Package

This program package is aimed at helping you start or continue on your journey toward looking and feeling your personal best with a multi-faceted wellness practitioner focused entirely on you. You will work on getting a grip on stress, treating ailments naturally, changing your body composition, getting radically healthy, and creating conscious work-life balance. 


This 6-Visit program package can be used over the course of the year.  Depending on your needs, we can meet weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly.  Together, we will find the best way to tailor this package to your needs.

The sessions will be based on who you are, where you are and where you want to go.  Your individual health challenges and concerns will be addressed in order of priority and tailored to meet your overall wellness goals. We’ll discuss your strengths and weaknesses, continue to set realistic goals and work towards achieving them.

This program includes:

  • 6-Guided 75-min Sessions scheduled 2 weeks apart

  • Possibility of Bodywork treatments specific to your needs/goals (if desired)

  • A detailed plan of what to do in between each session

  • Accountability specific to your needs to stay on track

  • Support in between sessions via Email, phone, txt, and a Private Facebook Group

  • Certain Program Materials

  • Weekly Handouts, Recipes & Resources

  • Product Samples

  • Action Items to put new material in practice

  • Program Completion Review 

To find out more, go to

Peak Wellness Coaching Overview


Cost:  $720 (or $240/month)

- Insurance receipts available 

  for this program.

Peak Santē Private

A-La-Carte Consultations

1-1 Consultations and/or BodyWork

with Christina Della Rocca, n.d., RMT


75-min    $130

  • Pricing includes tax 

  • Insurance receipt available for this service


This option is perfect for you if you would like to book a time to sit down and talk, check-in, are seeking answers to some questions, need a little periodic nudge, and not looking to go through, or commit to a longer term coaching at the moment.  The session will be tailored to what to are looking for, want, or need on the spot.

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